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The Írder of the Phoenix Blacklist

The following is our blacklist. This is a list of people who are not allowed back in the guild. If someone wants to know why a certain person can't come back, send a mail in game to waverider and I can attempt to find out. The names are in alphabetical order. If you know that any of these people have any (more) alts, please please inform waverider, songrider, windrinder (all me, I update this page) or sthompsyn (guild leader, she can tell me to update this page)

  1. Acdcjamn
  2. Bronzensea
  3. danny
  4. Gilgalren
  5. Joeitsderek - bank moocher
  6. Jokerx and Jokerxx, bank moocher (I think they're one and the same)
  7. Mtwenty- "Mtwenty was booted for spamming on the Guild Chat, guys. Sorry, but he is not allowed back in."- Sthompsyn
  8. RobinDk- Bank Ninja, robbed other guilds- Sthompsyn
  9. Sneakandkill- he threatened to report havenofear because havenofear wouldn't give him -2- free fiery enchants, which normally cost 50 gold each; no guild member has to give anything away free, let alone pricey enchants.
  10. Tomduhbomb
  11. Uthy- Lostsoul says he's a ninja, he says he's just misunderstood; Lostsoul has been with the guild a while though, so her word trumps his :-p.