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Starting at 34:32..

Shirley Hughes (Lloyd’s wife): The FBI thought that he had been killed, but I told him he was alive, so that's when they came here and talked to him.
Craig Ranke: And when was that?
Shirley Hughes: The next day.
Craig Ranke: The very next day? I think that's weird too, why did they think he was dead if there was no body?
Shirley Hughes: They say somebody towed him away.
CIT 2 (Aldo Marquis?): A lot of stories, a lot of stories.
Craig Ranke: They just took away the body huh?
Shirley Hughes: Yeah, and left the car
Lloyd: You know,
Lloyd: if I wasn't involved, and I had to go by the evidence that was shown me. And And I felt that this bridge was where it happened, I'd be confused too.
Shirley Hughes: You take a tour through the pentagon, and they tell you, they bring it up, "yes, that was the cab driver that was injured".
CIT 2: Injured, were you injured?
Shirley Hughes: No.
CIT 2: There you go.
Lloyd: That's the story.
Craig Ranke: That's why I asked you that.
Lloyd: One thing about it you gotta understand something. When people do things and get away with it, you- eventually it's going to come to me. And when it comes to me it's going to be so big I can't do nothing about it. So it has to be stopped in the beginning when it's small.
CIT 2: Mmhm.
Lloyd: You see to keep it from spreading.
CIT 2: Oh absolutely, yeah, to keep it from getting this far to where we're talking..
Craig Ranke: Yeah, but if there was a lie, we need to expose it.
Lloyd: That's right.
Craig Ranke: And that's.. and we, if they did a lie to do what they're doing now, the problem is 9/11 isn't over and done with, 9/11 is permanent global war, permanent death for people every day right now, dying. Innocent people, innocent children...
CIT 2: 9/11 was an event was that a lot of people recognize as this big, 'now we have a war on terror', now we have, you know, but 9/11 started this.. it's not the end of it.
Craig Ranke: Well we found out that that it didn't hit the Pentagon and just kept on going.
Shirley Hughes: Yeah.
Craig Ranke: Yeah what?
Shirley Hughes: Yeah.
Craig Ranke: Yeah what?
Shirley Hughes: What you said!
Craig Ranke: What did I say?
Shirley Hughes: I better go fix dinner so he can... if you're gonna...
Craig Ranke: You know something. Your wife, she's smart, she knows something! So let's... go!
Lloyd: Ok
[They then go off to check out Lloyd's cab]