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Craig Ranke: Well how about this, Lloyd, on 9/11 you had that book in your car from David Icke.
Lloyd: Right. (smiling) I did!
Craig Ranke: (laughter) Well.. you know what that book's about, it's your book, right?
Lloyd: Yeah.
Craig Ranke: What? What do you have to say about the things he says?
Lloyd: Well, he's familiar with a lot of things I'm not familiar with, he has experiences and interviews with people that have more knowledge about different things.
Craig Ranke: Like what?
Lloyd: Well everything. See, at the time that I was reading David Icke's book,
Craig Ranke: Mmhm
Lloyd: uh, I was going to a class every week. We were dealing with stuff like this. I mean, it was a surprise to me that it happened to me, [emphasis mine] but we were dealing with uh, we were dealing with the thing that happpened with, uh, what's the woman that was killed? All this government stuff. [emphasis mine] She, I think they're from England. They were killed in this car in a tunnel.
Craig Ranke: Oh, Princess Diana?
Lloyd: Right, that's right.