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Starting at 44:55, ending at 47:05

So we reached the cab.

You can see now the footage of us examining the cab, taking a look at it inside and out. Ofcourse the hood didn't have scratches on it as you can see on 9/11, it was still preserved that way today. And now we get to look close at the interior, and see if there's anything here, because Lloyd claims that the pole speared the windshield of the cab.

So a lot of people figured, well you don't know, maybe the pole went all the way through the back seat, and that's what held it up over the hood and why it didn't scratch the hood, so this means it would literally have to puncture the back seat and through the floor boards, perhaps.

This may have held up such a long pole, but the fact is there's no damage to the cab in this regard. So now we know for a fact that the floor boards were intact, in fact they were holding water at the time. There was only a minor puncture [picture of minor puncture] in the back seat, very minor. So the pole certainly didn't go through it.

Ofcourse, even if it had, it would be strange, because the top part of the pole was bent [picture of pole], so if it had punctured all the way through, it's doubtful that it would have been able to lift the pole out at all.

Which brings up another point. I've always wondered if, in fact, you were in his situation and a pole did spear his windshield. And he ended up on the side of the road, with a pole still sticking out over the hood, what are the chances that you or anyone would attempt to remove that pole, under any circumstances, let alone under a situation where the pentagon was burning right behind you and it was a major attack going on at the time.

This right here has always kept me questioning Lloyd's account, I mean why would he even try to remove the pole, let alone flag over this silent stranger who allegedly helped him. And he also claims he fell down removing the pole, so if he did fall over while holding the pole, naturally this would damage the cab as well. So there are many factors that don't make sense about Lloyd's account. And after visiting the cab, and seeing the damage to the cab first hand, it doesn't clear up his story at all. It doesn't make his story seem any more possible, in fact now we're even more certain that this light pole could not have speared the windshield of Lloyd's cab.