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CIT's conversation with Mike and starter analysis of Lloyd's first car conversation, Starting at 36:48, ending at 40:10

But before we got on the road to see the cab, we insisted on stopping by his neighbor Mike's house to see if we could get the images from 9/11.
Craig Ranke: You actually took some pictures of his cab on the highway that day.
Mike: I took some pictures of his cab, uh, I think after the light pole had fallen on it and broke the window where I was parked there. Did you have to leave it there? I don't remember the circumstances.
Lloyd: I picked it up the next day.
Mike: Yeah so.. And I gave you those pictures, right?
Lloyd: Yeah.
Craig Ranke: But he didn't.. do you have them or?
Mike: Uh, I probably still have them some place, yeah.
Craig Ranke: You don't have them?.. Oh.. We were hoping we could take a look at them.
Mike: Well, I don't want to get into that right now but, I can get you a disk if you want to send something to him or something like that, that's up to you. I'd have to look through, I can't remember, I can't remember what it is I provided.
Lloyd: Yeah.
Mike: And there's probably just half a dozen or something like that.
Craig Ranke: There's no way you could help, dig those out?
Mike: Well..
Craig Ranke: 'cause we're here... We're from California. We're actually going to go out to the country with Lloyd right now and take a look at the cab.
Mike: Why don't you do that and I'll go and uh, get a disk or look and see what I can come up with.
Lloyd brought up neighbor Mike and his images again while we were in the car on the way to see the cab.
Lloyd: Well I'm involved with it see, I mean that's it, I mean I was there... There's no, you know the only thing that can convince me. You know there's only, no one has come up... The only person who has come up with anything similar to me is the house that we just left.
Craig Ranke: Were those pictures?
Lloyd: Yeah.
Craig Ranke: Now were those pictures published anywhere?
Lloyd: Not that I know of.
Craig: Yeah. We gotta see those pictures. He was there on route 27 that day, is that it?
Lloyd: Yeah.
Craig: And he was driving?
Lloyd: No, he was, I don't know why he was there.
Craig: But he's your neighbor, anyway, did you know him before then?
Lloyd: No.
Craig: You didn't know him before?
Lloyd: No, no.
Craig: Ok. Mike's his name?
Craig: I mean y'all, this is just circumstantial. I mean you know, it just happened.
Craig: Yeah.
Lloyd: Yeah. I can't..
Craig: Now did he get pictures of the pole inside the cab before you took it out?
Lloyd: I don't know.
Craig: But you just said you saw the pictures!
Lloyd: I did. But man, we're talking about.. Well, we're talking about the importance of different things. I just looked at them, and I still have them somewhere in the house.
Craig; Mhm.
Lloyd: You know.
Cut to Craig after the interview:
We had an hour and a half to talk with him about his feelings and various things about the event. Lloyd seemed to agree with us in the sense that there is more to the 9/11 story and he seemed to question his involvement with the event. What he kept repeating was that this is bigger than he is. This is bigger, this is for the people with a lot of money, and that he doesn't have a lot of money. So in essence, this puts him on a different class or a different scale, which is clearly the case. But it doesn't absolve him of involvement, as we know that assets on many different levels would have been involved. He did express on multiple times how this is a big event, and how history is typically different than what is reported.