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12. Tons of molten metal found by FDNY and numerous other experts under all 3 high-rises

It has been argued that the only thing they have to support this are layman testimony. This is incorrect: there were many witnesses, and many experts including engineers , firemen, iron workers and cleanup crews. These would have as much experience as any dealing with fire disaster situations.

The argument has been made that a steel beam could not be identified as molten, because molten steel is like water and has no form other then that given to it by its surroundings. However, something described as a "molten steel beam" could easily be a description for a partly melted beam, that would be one end melted and the other end not melted.

The argument has been made that auote after quote seem to be describing red hot steel/metal rather than liquid steel/metal. However, there are many quotes that do not limit the description to only "red hot metal". Here is an example - firemen stating "molten steel running down the channel rails, like lava, like a volcano, like you were in a foundry":