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13. Chemical signature of Thermate (high tech incendiary) found in slag, solidified molten metal, and dust samples by Physics professor Steven Jones, PhD.

Some have been confused; is thermate an explosive or an incendiary? The answer is both: it is a high tech incendiary and also a very high powered explosive.

It has been argued that nobody in the industry even knows how to use thermite to take down a building. While there is no hard proof that anyone knows how to take down buildings using this material now, much less in 2001, the people within NIST and the Department of Defense were the people who knew most about thermate/nano-thermite:
The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites. So, if anyone could have accomplished it, it'd probably have been them.

It has been argued that the thermate signature is non-existant when you consider that the materials were already common and present in the WTC for non-sinister reasons. This argument is fundamentally flawed, however, and shows a lack of understanding of what a thermate signature is; a thermate signature, like a hand signature, can only come from one thing: thermate. If it could come from something else, it wouldn't be called a thermite signature.

In post 32, KennyJC (apparently) countered:

"Except that’s not what Steven Jones says, is it?
Steven Jones says that because he found sodium, barium, aluminum etc. in the WTC dust, that this is a thermate signature. True that these elements may be in thermate, but it is probably in every skyscraper in existence."

Sorry, thermate signature. And my point holds; just because you have certain elements in a building doesn't mean that they can come up with a thermate signature when pulverized. I remember Headspin saying that they'd even found -unexploded- thermate as well.

Or as a noted 9/11 official story debunker put it:

You have failed to address the science. you are confronting the argument that goes "i found a piece of aluminium, i found a piece of iron, i found a peice of wallboard with calcium sulphate in it - voila! i found thermite!" This cartoon-argument is an absurd caricature of the evidence being presented. The evidence is not simply just that these elements existed in the world trade centre and/or wtc rubble. The evidence is that the chemical fingerprint of thermite derivatives was found at the microscale - this is how forensic teams detect thermite arson! microspheres with the thermite fingerprint cannot magically form at the microscale when a building is crushed, falls down, collapses, or is smashed to pieces.
These microspheres were detected in abundant quantities, so much that RJ Lee used them to identifiy wtc dust from background dust. they were an intergral part of the wtc dust! Where did the molten microspheres with chemical fingerprint of thermite come from? I hope you will now accept the impossibility of the collapse or the fire forming them?
You might think they were liberated from the concrete as the concrete was pulverised, but consider the fact that concrete chunk samples were crushed and analysed and found not to contain the previously molten alumino-iron microspheres with the chemical fingerprint of thermite. Also consider the fact that these alumino-iron spheres exist at the macro scale up to a few mm in radius. so how can the thermite spheres and microspheres be explained without the presence of thermite in the building?



A few facts:
the chemical fingerprint signature of a thermite reaction was found in the dust
it was found in abundance
it was found immediately after "collapse"
it was found in various sample types
it was found at the nanoscale
it was found at the microscale
it was found at the macroscale