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8. 1,400 foot diameter field of equally distributed debris – outside of building footprint

It has been argued that normal controlled demolitions happen within their own footprint. In point of fact, only a few demolition companies have such a capability. Most simply topple the buildings over. However, in the case of the 9/11 buildings, they buildings did -not- topple over; rather, the explosive power was so great that debris was ejected outside of its footprint, which is certainly unusual for a normal controlled demolition.

However, given enough explosives, you can certainly make the debris from a symetrical collapse go beyond the footprint. There is a real problem here for those who believe that the majority of the buildings were brought down by their own weight, however; the more debris didn't come down in the footprint of the building, the less debris is around to supposedly crush the rest of the building. From what I understand, even if -all- the debris fell in its own footprint, this wouldn't be possible; this is just making it even more obvious explosives had to have been used to bring down the buildings.

In post 32, KennyJC argues that explosives don't eject tons of steel hundreds of feet.

If you have powerful explosives, however, you can.

He also argues that any explosives that can do this would create more than a little rumble and vibrations.

I have seen no evidence to support that claim, however.