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9. Blast waves blew out windows in buildings 400 feet away.

A&E's source is 9/11 Research, a source of information that I have found to be valid time and again. Here is the info from their source page:

Explosive Ejections of Dust and Pieces

* Thick dust clouds spewed from towers in all directions, at around 50 feet/second.
* Solid objects were thrown ahead of the dust -- a feature of explosive demolition.
* The steel was thoroughly cleansed of its spray-on insulation.
* Some pieces of the perimeter wall were thrown laterally 500 feet.
* Aluminum cladding was blown 500 feet in all directions.
* Blast waves broke hundreds of windows in buildings over 400 feet away.

In post 32, KennyJC argued that "it was obviously false as images from ground zero showed that the windows at the top of the buildings were not smashed, but windows at the bottom of the building were smashed.

More explosives would have to be used at the base of the building, because the steel framework is stronger at that point. There -were- loud explosions heard at the base of the towers prior to collapse, btw.

KennyJC also argues "Logic dictates that debris smashed the windows below.

I agree that debris being ejected at explosives speed may well have done it. The point is that explosives were needed to give it that speed.

KennyJC further argues that "Since “blast waves” would have hit the top of these buildings, then how come only windows at the bottom of the buildings were smashed?"

Because more explosives were needed at the bottom due to its stronger structure near the base.