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In post 4, shaman_ argued that those who are the most familiar with the performance of steel frame buildings disagree.He pointed to peer reviewed documents, which support the official story.

In post 5, I agree that there are certainly official story supporters from government officials, such as certain individuals in NIST, who the government paid to 'investigate' the case. The same people that Bill Manning, Fire Engineering's editor in chief said were engaged in a 'half-baked farce':

There was also a petition signed by more then 500 architects and engineers that reads as follows:
Please Take Notice That:
On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and affiliates hereby petition for, and demand, a truly independent investigation with subpoena power in order to uncover the full truth surrounding the events of 9/11/01 - specifically the collapses of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7. We believe there is sufficient doubt about the official story and therefore the 9/11 investigation must be re-opened and must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7.
The Undersigned
The petition and the names and credentials of the architects and engineers who signed it can be seen here: