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WTC was hit by debris from one of the tallest buildings in the world. The fires burned for seven hours. As demonstrated, fire is capable of collapsing steel structures.
That’s what a building looks like when the bottom floors fail. The collapse started near the bottom but not quite at the bottom. If you watch controlled demolitions you will hear the charges going off before the collapse starts. It also didn’t collapse perfectly as it damaged nearby buildings when it fell. So no it wasn't the same as a controlled demolition.
But you are ignoring that a controlled demolition takes a lot of time a planning to pull off, the fires burnt for many hours not affecting the supposed explosives and what it pretty much the final nail - that the firefighters all cleared out because they thought it was going to collapse due to the damage it had received. There is no mystery here.
Repeating over and over that no plane hit WTC and “it looks like a controlled demolition!!” is a foolish argument which will only appeal to the gullible.