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In post 25, shaman_ argued that WTC was hit by debris from one of the tallest buildings in the world.

2 points:

1- Debris doesn't make a building collapse demolition style, no matter where it came from.

2- The twin towers were closer to other buildings and yet, even though some of them were severely scorched, no other building but WTC 7 collapsed, and demolition style at that.

In post 30, shaman_ argued:
"There are photos that clearly show the top stories of WTC1 colliding with WTC7.

The towers essentially came straight down, but in a mushrooming way, exploading symetrically outwards. Here's a picture from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Note that WTC 7 was only hit by lighter debris and yet it suffered more damage then buildings that got the brunt of the debris.

He also argued that had it been a controlled demolition and a symmetrical collapse it would not have happened. But all the buildings in the WTC complex were so damaged that they partially collapsed and/or had to be destroyed. In fact, however, all that was required was a very energetic controlled demolition; the symetry was there, it just exploded outwards more then a normal demolition, which generally tries to keep debris in its own footprint. There is also evidence suggesting there were explosives used in WTC buildings 5 and 6.