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In post 25, shaman argued that the fires burned for seven hours and that fire is capable of collapsing steel structures.

It is true that a warehouse steel structure had its roof cave in, but never before or after 9/11 have steel framed high rises collapsed due to fire alone. shaman_ countered that the basic principles that led to the collapse have happened to other steel framed buildings and that you can't just declare these things irrelevant because the building was different. The fact of the matter, however, is that differences do matter. A steel warehouse is simply not the same as a steel framed high rise. He goes on to argue that the steel supports on the Madrid tower did collapse due to fire, but that the rest stayed up due to its concrete core. He makes it sound like the madrid tower was a stronger building then the WTC buildings, when it was in fact a weaker one. 9/11 Research makes this clear.