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Welcome to The Írder of the Phoenix's Guild website!

This is a sort of mirror to the official phoenix site, which can be found here.

Thank you for trying out GuildPortal, and for being an active member of our growing guild, "The Örder of the Phoenix"! Although our guild didn't exist until July 30th, 2007, we have quickly grown to around 500+ Guild members on any given day. We'd probably be way beyond 500 now, but we constantly have to trim inactive members because WoW guilds get buggy when you hit 500 members. More on this here:

500 guild player soft cap

  Our reputation for attracting a group of very nice, helpful and friendly WoW players helped to attract and keep many new members in just a short time. 

Please keep up the great work recruiting your friends and family members to join our pleasant little on-line community.  Also, we would like to start recruiting level 60+ so we can do some KARA runs this Summer.

Also, please be sure to register for this site as well, so that I can grant all guild members full website access and voting priveleges.  Its free and fun!  Please just be sure to click the "--> Join The Order of the Phoenix <--" button at the top of the screen to request full site access.

The Guild Rules

Guild bank tabs