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shaman_ made many arguments against the case for a controlled demolition of WTC 7 in this post. Here are his arguments, followed by my counters.

  1. WTC 7 was hit by debris from one of the tallest buildings in the world. My response is here.
  2. The fires burned for seven hours and fire is capable of collapsing steel structures. My response is here.
  3. This is what a building looks like when the bottom floors fail. For once, I agree with him; it's -precisely- what a building looks like when explosives make the bottom floors fail.
  4. The collapse started near the bottom but not quite at the bottom. If so, they put the explosives a bit higher then the bottom. It doesn't change much.
  5. If you watch controlled demolitions you will hear the charges going off before the collapse starts. But as Headspin said in another forum:
    people seem to forget there were many reports of witnesses reporting explosions and bombs before and during the towers "collapse" - firefighters, journalists, police, first responders, workers in the buildings, people on the scene etc. Also reports of bombs in the building and at the world trade centre prior to collapse
    A good video with such supporting evidence can be seen here. Check it out at about 1:40.
  6. It didn’t collapse perfectly as it damaged nearby buildings when it fell and that it therefore wasn't the same as a controlled demolition.
    Leave perfection to the gods. Even a demolition expert has said that it had "absolutely" been imploded in this video. Ofcourse, said demolition expert doesn't live in the U.S. and thus didn't have to deal with the type of political fallout that would have occured had this been the case.
  7. A controlled demolition takes a lot of time a planning to pull off. A tentative explanation for how it could have been done is here.
  8. The fires burnt for many hours not affecting the supposed explosives. Plucked from a similar question regarding the twin towers, I got this from 9/11 research:
    explosives can be engineered so that heat alone will not detonate them. The plastic explosive C4, for example, requires the simultaneous delivery of high heat and pressure to induce detonation.
  9. The firefighters all cleared out because they thought it was going to collapse due to the damage it had received.
    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage makes it clear just how damning for the official story that is in this video.